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Kuukivi's fusion of styles reflects the background of founder and designer Sheela Rayala. Sheela was born and brought up in India where jewelry is an integral part of the culture and society. Sheela travels extensively and is inspired by jewelry in other cultures and societies. Her designs have modern appeal paired with the depth and quality of age-old beauty and classic style.

Sheela spent the last year in Finland studying the Scandinavian market and promoting Kuukivi and is always looking for new sources of inspiration for her designs. Kuukivi jewelry is inspired by colors and materials in nature and everyday life. Sheela works with a wide range of high-quality precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, Bali beads, and Swarovski crystals, paired with sterling silver and 14K gold-filled chains.

Before venturing into the fashion industry, Sheela's expertise was in Engineering, specializing in Wireless technology with a couple of patents to her credit. She was Director of SW when she decided to give her tech life a break and stay home with baby Manu and let her creative side take over.

Whether the look is wild, bold, complex, delicate, simple or elegant, Kuukivi has a handcrafted unique piece to suit every style. Kuukivi has already been noticed by the fashion blogosphere, with features and interviews by various online fashion editors and blogs.

Kuukivi and Sheela are proud members of Womens Jewelry Association.

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